Delivering modern Machine Learning for Fraud Prevention:

In the face of fraud being the UK’s Number 1 crime, bigspark has been providing innovative data and engineering solutions in the Financial Services Industry at some of the largest UK Institutions for 4 years.

Recently, we worked with a leading UK bank to tackle high-value scams, and then helped them build an industry leading fraud prevention optimisation team, underscoring our commitment to advancing fraud prevention strategies and using data for good.



Challenge Met with Expertise

The UK banking sector is increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated scams, causing significant financial and reputational damage. Recognizing this, a prominent UK bank partnered with bigspark to address a critical gap in their fraud prevention capabilities. They needed a solution capable of identifying and mitigating high-value scams in transactions above £10,000 in their infancy, a challenge their existing technology could not meet.

bigspark’s Tailored Solution

Leveraging our extensive experience in data engineering and machine learning, we crafted a bespoke solution that combines in-house expertise with cutting-edge technology in AWS. Our approach hinged on the development of a machine-learning-powered model designed to detect early signs of high-value scams, alerting the bank and its customers to potential threats before significant losses could occur.

Innovative Technology for Real-Time Prevention

Our solution utilized a sophisticated tech stack, including advanced data analytics tools and machine learning models, to analyze transactional data for patterns indicative of scams. This allowed for the early detection of potential fraud, minimizing financial losses and enhancing customer trust. This approach was successful because the model was built with a strong understanding of the bank’s customers and their behavior instead of relying on a one-fits-all solution, but also with a strong understanding of the bank’s strategic goals.

Demonstrated Impact and Beyond

The implementation of this project was a resounding success, reducing the incidence of high-value scams and saving the bank and its customers substantial amounts of money, with the model’s annualised prevented fraud being worth more than 10 times the cost of the implementation. This achievement not only showcased the importance of building targeted fraud prevention capabilities that compliment the bank’s existing technology, but also reinforced our role as trusted advisors.

Your Partner in Fraud Prevention

bigspark’s success with the High-Value-Scam Detection Project is a testament to our ability to deliver customized, effective fraud prevention solutions. This led to bigspark becoming a long-term partner for the bank, helping them bring more than 100 fraud prevention features outside of their silo’d third-party solution, building their capability internally and in the cloud.

Our expertise in data engineering and analytics positions us as the ideal partner for financial institutions seeking to bolster their defenses against financial fraud.


About us


bigspark’s Financial Crime Practice bridges the gap between people, processes, regulations and technology in Financial Institutions.

We have successfully delivered in Tier 1 Banks and Financial Institutions:

  • Financial Crime advisory, such as regulatory remediation projects and target operating models
  • World class Data and Engineering solutions, such as Client Lifecycle Management platforms
  • Strategic technology solutions such as modern AI and ML for Fraud Prevention

Our people have strong applied experience in FinCrime and Fraud and are insatiably passionate about solving problems the industry is facing.

Our engineers and data scientists build modern, customized Machine Learning models to identify fraud specific to your patterns and concerns. Please contact us to arrange a discussion.

Jo Whalley

Jo Whalley

FinCrime/Fraud Lead
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Shaine Ismail

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Rayane Houhou

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