Published on
March 12, 2023



The world has become increasingly digital, so it’s no surprise that organisations are transitioning to a hybrid cloud environment. And organisations are also increasingly turning to DevOps practices and tools as they transform their IT operations to be more agile, scalable and efficient. In fact, a recent survey from Puppet found that 53% of IT leaders said they are actively looking to adopt DevOps practices within their organisation.


What is DevOps anyways?

What is DevOps? In simple terms, DevOps is a methodology that helps organisations deliver applications and services to users faster and more efficiently. It brings together developers, operators, and QA teams so they can work together more collaboratively, breaking down the silos that traditionally exist within an IT organisation. As a result, DevOps helps organisations be more responsive to their users’ needs, providing them a high-quality experience on a consistent basis.

What’s so great about DevOps?

There are many reasons why organizations today are moving to a DevOps model. For one thing, implementing a DevOps practice allows organisations to deliver high-quality user experiences to their customers, which is critical for driving business value in the age of the customer.

Improved Communication: DevOps culture encourages collaboration between different teams, allowing for faster resolutions to problems and better communication between teams.

Faster Deployment: DevOps allows for faster deployment of applications because of its automated processes and continuous integration.

Increased Quality: DevOps can help improve the quality of applications and services. Automated processes can help ensure that applications are robust and reliable, while continuous integration allows teams to quickly identify and address any issues.

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