Data & AI strategy should not be a “once and done” exercise

Many organisations embark on a data strategy exercise when a new Leader joins – either a CDO, or a CTO or other technical lead. This is seen as an important transition and chance for a step change – and therefore a good opportunity to document a vision and strategy. 


Current state is captured, and a target state is agreed. A strategy document is written outlining what needs to change. This is socialised around the business – with both technical teams and functional areas. Everyone is bought in and aligned.


But now what?


Getting started on delivery isn’t easy…


Lots of organisations struggle with getting started. What do you tackle first? How do you ensure you’re actually delivering the strategy set out? How do you ‘course correct’ if you go off track? How do you evolve the strategy in the future for a growing business?

It’s much easier to address these challenges if they are considered at the outset. We recommend:

  • Writing your strategy hand in hand with a delivery roadmap – avoiding a situation where a nice document is left to gather dust. 
  • Putting in place a team and process to track and report on the value being delivered in relation to the strategy. 
  • Establishing inflection points for reviewing progress, and having honest discussions on whether the strategy is still right. 

Our holistic approach to strategy, operating model and data delivery ensures that these three points of the triangle are synchronized to ensure success.



… but that shouldn’t put you off







There may be other events - both inside and outside your business - that mean it’s a good time to think about Data & AI strategy

How we get started

The size and scope of your organisation will drive how long it takes to document your data strategy, but in all circumstances, your strategy needs to start with people. This needs to go beyond your data and technology function – you need to speak to people who don’t describe themselves as “data people”.

Aligning to business strategy


Data & AI Strategies are often made with good intention, but risk becoming outdated if not combined with the business’ desired outcomes and goals, measured in a way that executives and stakeholders can understand. It is imperative to track progress of data spend to justify the strategy and gain further investment.


There should be nothing in your Data & AI strategy that cannot be directly tied back to the overall business strategy of your organisation

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