This rigorous application process, coupled with many team meetings to refine the project idea, has finally paid off given that many applications are turned in and few are selected.


Over the period of the KTP, we’ll be working with an Associate to create an innovative AI approach for enhancing data quality through data augmentation in the finance sector. This project will be funded by Innovate UK‘s KTP scheme running from 2024 to 2026.

Project summary

In today’s world, where data plays a big role, having high-quality data is particularly important. It helps us get accurate insights and make better decisions. While current solutions in the market can identify data quality issues based on pre-defined rules, there is limited research around not only identifying data quality issues but also correcting these errors, supported by a set of confidence intervals to ensure the accuracy of the correction process.


The vision for this Data Augmentation KTP is to revolutionise the way organisations handle and leverage their data. By employing innovative techniques and methodologies in AI like Machine Learning, together with other state of the art methodologies, we aim to empower businesses with high-quality, accurate and timely information for effective decision-making.


Our keys objectives are to:


*Improve Data Accuracy


*Enhance Data Completeness


*Ensure Data Consistency


*Detect Anomalies


*Reduce Data Bias


bigspark has a great interest in Research and Development and translating findings into useful products for their clients. This partnership aligns with our company strategy, which is geared towards leveraging cutting-edge technologies to optimize our decision-making processes and ignite change through engineering.


Also, while consultancy or graduate recruitment might offer temporary solutions, the immersive nature of a KTP provides ongoing support and guidance for the Associate, ensuring the sustained implementation of data quality improvements.


The blend of academic supervision, industry collaboration, and financial support within the KTP creates a dynamic synergy that surpasses the benefits of other mechanisms.


The KTP will deliver tangible outcomes, including the development of advanced data quality assessment tools customized for our industry-specific needs, and the implementation of a data quality framework to ensure accurate and reliable insights.

A big thank you to Shaine Ismail and Raymond Klutse of bigspark , and seasoned lecturers from Nottingham Trent University – Dr. Salisu Wada Yahaya, Dr. Pedro Machado (PhD) , Dr. Isibor Kennedy Ihianle PhD, MBCS, FHEA, Dr. Jordan Bird,  Dr Farhad Fassihi and Professor Ahmad LOTFI of Department of Computer Science at NTU – on assisting our successful application.